What is an advergame and how can it benefit my company?


With the advance of technologies and advertising, videogames have become the new way for advertising and a new marketing and communication tool. Through them you can promote your product or brand, company or idea adapted to the world of today. These videogames are called advergames. They will be adapted to your business with the logo and will allow you to expose your brand to your clients through advertising channels, transmitting virally through mobile devices, e-mail, the Internet and social networks, at a reduced cost.

As these games are not only meant to sell your product or brand, but to entertain, they are an incredible way to advertise your products or brands and generate loyalty towards them, creating a link with the consumer, without being intrusive at all, as it happens with traditional advertising on the social media.


Why an advergame?


In addition to the savings in advertising costs, and the greater reach and exposure, this will help your business to transmit a message in an easier way and always have the customer in contact with your brand while having fun playing.

In addition, with an advergame you can reinforce your brand image, create databases with information about users, build a dialogue with your customers, and show yourself to the target group as an innovative company that is always up to date with technology and its progress.

By having an advergame you have a tool that you can use to your advantage and you can personalize at any time for any special event or promotion.




Saving advertising costs


Longer exposure time


Greater reach and acceptance, non-intrusive advertising


Brand integration with the video game


Virality of your brand


A community and not just clients